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Peace Coffee

Blue Ox-12oz-Whole Bean

Blue Ox-12oz-Whole Bean

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A coffee as big as its namesake, Blue Ox is a tribute to all the things we love about our home state. The Northwoods lore inspired us to create the best medium roast coffee blend that’s as sweet as your secret spot in the woods. From shimmering lakes to jack pine forests, this coffee compliments your everyday commute or your weekend adventure.

Roast: Medium

Acidity: Mild

Body: Syrupy

Aroma: Orange, Spice, Dark Chocolate

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Graham Cracker, Orange Marmalade

  • Always Organic & Fair Trade
  • Shade Grown, Fresh Roasted
  • B Corp Certified  This is our favorite mobile coffee—one that’s best when done simply. For the best medium roast coffee, boil the water and dial in a Hario V60 brew. Of course, any brew method you choose will deliver. Need some tips? Our brewing guides are here to help.
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