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Plant Therapy

Clarity-10 mL

Clarity-10 mL

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  • Promotes memory & mental focus
  • Helps clear mental fog
  • Great for studying or working

    Help clear mental fog with our Clarity Essential Oil Blend. When working on important projects or any tasks that require clear decision making, Clarity can help stimulate mental focus while also enhancing your memory. Clarity blends essential oils like Bergamot, Basil Linalool, Lemon, and Grapefruit to support a sharp mind during working hours. The next time you are finding yourself putting in long hours on a project or cramming for an exam, reach for Clarity to help keep your mind focused and on task.

    For an alternate KidSafe option, try our fantastic companion KidSafe® blend Study Time.

    • Citrus
    • Focusing
    • Encouraging
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