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Clinical Essentials Immune Caps-60 ct

Clinical Essentials Immune Caps-60 ct

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Immune Foundation Made Simple*
A healthy immune system starts with a solid foundation of critical nutrients that are difficult to get from diet alone. Clinical Essentials Immune provides the nutrients your body needs to support a strong immune system and stay healthy all year long.*

This powerful blend of vitamins and minerals is especially important to help nourish the foundation of your immune system for anything that comes your way.*

Essential Nutrients for a Strong Immune System*
Your immune system needs vital nutrients daily in order to stay healthy and strong.*

Clinical Essentials Immune delivers these vitamins and minerals in the best forms at meaningful levels for incredible immune support.*

Vitamin A in the retinol form for immune system strength.*

Vitamin C is a critical component for healthy immune function.*

Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol, the most powerful and bioactive form for immune support.*

Vitamin E with its complete family of compounds delivers the vitamin's full immune-supporting potential.*

Selenium that is clinically studied and readily utilized by the body.

Zinc is a required mineral for immune system function.*

Combined, and as part of your daily regimen, these nutrients are a must for strong immune support!*

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