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Grand Unified Mineral Complex*-360ct

Grand Unified Mineral Complex*-360ct

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Grand Unified Mineral Complex


Introducing the Grand Unified Mineral Complex: A DNA Supplement

For over two decades, Dr. Rich Olree has been delivering essential minerals worldwide through his meticulously crafted Grand Unified Mineral Complex (GUMC). As a chiropractor and genetic researcher with over 39 years of experience, Dr. Olree has harnessed his expertise to redefine the way our bodies function.

Why Choose Grand Unified Mineral Complex?

At the core of everything we see and touch are minerals, influencing the unfolding of our double helix genetic code and shaping our development from conception. The grand unified theory of everything, encompassing gravity, magnetism, and electromagnetic forces, applies to the intricate unfolding of DNA. Iodine, Selenium, Magnesium, and Boron emerge as pivotal minerals in this process, crucial for proper DNA unfolding, subsequently transcribed by messenger RNA. This RNA undergoes ribosomal processing, yielding functional proteins—a phenomenon known as the "Central Dogma" in molecular biology. The correct sizing and shaping of proteins depend on the presence of essential minerals, ensuring accurate DNA replication. This interplay is integral to the body's aging process, influencing telomere length and facilitating proper rejuvenation.

Grand Unified Mineral Complex caters to the average adult lacking daily mineral requirements. With properties like 3 mg of Iodine sourced from organic kelp, providing not only Iodine but a spectrum of trace minerals, and 200 mcg of Selenomethionine for controlling oxidation, this supplement addresses fundamental needs. Additionally, 3 mg of Boron, abundant in the human brain's cerebrospinal fluid, and 200 mg of Magnesium facilitate the transport of minerals from the intestines to the liver.

Each property within this supplement is carefully designed to complement one another, making it not only a preventive measure but a necessity. Beyond the mentioned minerals, GUMC incorporates Vitamin C, D, and Taurine for added sulfur and overall bodily support.

Dr. Olree recommends a daily intake of one Grand Unified Mineral Complex supplement. The listed benefits only scratch the surface of its potential advantages. For those seeking more information about GUMC or interested in understanding their own health better, contact the store to schedule a nutritional consultation with Dr. Olree himself or to order a hair test and determine your body's mineral load.

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