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Melatonin 5mg Chewable-50 tabs

Melatonin 5mg Chewable-50 tabs

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  • Healthy immune function
  • Protection against oxidative stress
  • Vision health
  • Healthy aging
  • Gastrointestinal health
  • Healthy blood sugar balance
  • Healthy inflammation response^
  • Deep, sound sleep*††

Melatonin—For So Much More Than Sleep*††
Melatonin is best known for healthy sleep and circadian rhythms, but it supports much more.* As one of the most researched nutrients in the world, melatonin is the subject of over 27,000 published studies and growing!

What Lowers Your Melatonin Production?

  • Age
  • Screen time
  • Shift work
  • Artificial lighting
  • Carrying extra pounds
  • Change in schedule

Why Melatonin?
Deep, Sound Sleep: Start your day rested.*††

Non-Habit Forming: Melatonin is already produced by your body, but over time levels can decrease. This supplement supports the balance in your favor.*

Great Taste: This delicious berry-flavored chewable tastes great, and is scored so you can easily break in half for lower dosages for yourself and your children.

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