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Passive Diffuser Cap-3 Pack

Passive Diffuser Cap-3 Pack

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  • Easy & innovative aromatherapy
  • Turn your favorite essential oil into a passive diffuser
  • Great for personal use

    Experience aromatherapy like never before with the Passive Diffuser Cap, your effortless solution for easily incorporating essential oils into your daily routine.  Designed to fit securely onto Plant Therapy’s essential oil bottles, these caps can be used in two different ways to suit your needs.

    One way is to simply swap out the bottle’s original cap and orifice reducer, tip your bottle upside down for a moment, then breathe in deeply from the foam top. Another way is to remove the essential oil cap, leave in the orifice reducer, and add a drop or two of oil to the foam top of the Passive Diffuser Cap. Then, secure the Passive Diffuser Cap onto the bottle.

    WATCH: How to Use Essential Oil Passive Diffuser Caps

    No water, heat, or electricity is needed, ensuring the integrity of the essential oil is preserved through passive diffusion. The high-quality foam pad is engineered to release aromatic molecules gently without covering a wide area, allowing for a very personal aromatherapy experience anytime, anywhere. Whether you're relaxing at home, focusing in the office, or adventuring on vacation, you can easily secure this cap onto your favorite essential oil bottle and slip it into your bag to take your aromatherapy wherever you go.

    Each pack comes with three Passive Diffuser Caps, two with black foam tops and one with a white foam top. Each fit Plant Therapy’s essential oil bottle sizes 2.5 mL - 100 mL and are made from aluminum, polypropylene (PP) plastic, and polyethylene (PE) foam.

    How to Use

    This cap can be added to any Plant Therapy essential oil bottle sizes 2.5 mL - 100 mL. Two easy ways to use! Remove the cap and orifice reducer of your single oil or blend and twist on the Passive Diffuser Cap. Tip upside down for a few seconds and return to an upright position. Inhale from the cap's foam top. Or, remove the cap and leave in the orifice reducer. Add a drop or two of the oil to the foam top of the Passive Diffuser Cap and secure the passive cap tightly onto the bottle. Please make sure to always ensure the Passive Diffuser Cap is securely in place to prevent leakage.

    To clean, simply wipe the aluminum cap with a wet wipe or gentle surface cleaner. Essential oils added to the foam top will evaporate over time. Do not put in the dishwasher.
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